About Entropay

When you transfer money online, it can take up to 3 days with most fintech apps and 1 day with expensive SEPA bank transfers. With Entropay Transfers (beta), you can transfer money in less than 30 seconds to anyone with an email address.

That's 2880x faster than a SEPA bank transfer, and 8600x faster than most fintech apps.

You can also use Entropay to pay like a local in EUR, GBP and USD with disposable Entropay Cards, which give you complete control over online spending. 

How Entropay started

Entropay was founded in 2003—before Facebook, Gmail or YouTube existed!—to provide online payments to everyone, regardless of their location or credit worthiness. The same year, we launched the first virtual Visa cards in Europe.

8.8 million cards and 15 years later, we’ve carved our niche in the make-or-break global gaming sector, growing fast while creating the kind of unprecedented fraud-fighting system that today’s fintech apps can only aspire to. But for us, fast is never fast enough.

Entropay is disrupting the disruptors with the fastest P2P money transfer product in the world. 

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